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Harmony Domes
Glamping. Restaurant. Hospitality  geodesic Domes.

Weather PROOF. Rain, Snow, Hail, Sleet, Sunshine, Extreme Winds, Harmony Dome withstand Mother Nature's test

Introducing Harmony Campwheel!

Rain, snow, hail, sleet, sunshine, extreme winds—your Harmony 
Dome can handle what Mother Nature dishes out—even if it all happens in one day! 

Welcome To Harmony Domes

We create Domes that are filled with happiness. YOUR happiness. Because unlike other Dome companies who ship you a tent and expect you to assemble it, install it, insulate it, customize it and do everything on your own, Harmony Domes does it all for you. And we do it exactly the way you want.


Do you want sleek Scandinavian interior design? You’ve got it. Something more boho? Sure thing.


Want to incorporate a big, beautiful deck around it for a spectacular outdoor living space? We can do that. 


Do you want sustainable bamboo flooring, a heating and air conditioning system, fireplace and soaking tub? No problem.


Want a comprehensive warranty that delivers peace of mind? Yup, you get that, too.


Harmony Domes will create the ideal space for you to live in harmony—without any of the construction headaches. We’ll listen to your dreams and ideas and make them come to life, handling every detail with a commitment to quality, deadlines, professionalism and your happiness.


We invite you to learn more about Harmony Domes. 



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“For 1/10th the cost of a cabin I own a beautiful dome!  It's one of the best investments I've ever made.

Bryan - Broomfield, CO
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