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Outdoor Dome Rental Options

Outdoor dining is a wonderful experience for your customers if the weather cooperates and your environment is near perfect.  If your climate is in the midwest or near the front range such as Denver, Colorado, you know the weather can change from day to day or even hour to hour.


Rain, snow, hail, sleet, sunshine, extreme winds—your Harmony Dome can handle what Mother Nature dishes out—even if it all happens in one day! (You know Colorado!) We use high quality materials that provide comfort and shelter in just about any environment. Because of its shape, most snow slides down the dome, especially if you keep your Harmony Dome heated. You can also choose an optional solar fan which can keep your Harmony Dome cool even on the hottest day. We can also install a stand-alone air-conditioning unit for maximum thermal comfort. It’s all about keeping your comfortable and happy!

You can use multiple Harmony Domes to create your ideal space. They are usually connected by tunnels. Our design experts will work with you to show you all of your options!

Harmony Domes offer not only a unique dining experience but a safe, comfortable and weather proof breakfast, lunch or dinner option.


Photograph of our Harmony Domes model 06 in partnership with Gravity Haus at Vail. 


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