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Ah, the Geodesic Dome. For decades it’s been viewed as a whimsical, weird structure embraced only by hippies, free spirits, bohemians and the occasional outlaw. Now it’s finally being recognized for what it truly is—the smartest, strongest, lightest, energy efficient, versatile, economical and coolest way to enclose space. 


At Harmony Domes, we couldn’t be happier about that. We love to share the wonders, innovations and sheer happiness that come with each and every one of our Domes. 


Whether you’re a rocket scientist, coder, restauranteur, entrepreneur, politician, physician, educator, retiree, plumber, hula dancer or landscaper, we think you’ll fall in love with Harmony Domes. And live happily ever after.

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Community Glamping

From Desert to Mountain Glamping Sites.


Dome Rentals

Rent any Harmony Dome today!

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Individual Domes

Buy an assembly kit or have our team install on your land.


Customized Domes

Custom Bedroom, Kitchen, Bath and more...


Restaurant Domes

Need extra customer seating? Look No Further!


Trade Show Domes

Projection Domes to Display Domes will help your business Stand out.


Corporate Domes

Corporate uses including Events and VIP Clients Use.


Dome Accessories

From Hot Tubs To AC units.

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